Monday, November 17, 2008

The Met

My sister wanted to go to Botanical Gardens to view some flowers. Last week, I told her we (self and kids) would come along. Then when I found out it was New York Botanical Gardens, I convinced her to go to Prospect Park Zoo instead. Why go to the Bronx to see plants when you can stay in Brooklyn and see plants AND aminals?

This weekend sister was determined to go to Botanical Gardens but the weather was blah and she proposed we go to the Met. Recalling all the wonderful times sister and Eh had at the Met and considering the weather, Met sounded like a great idea. And Eh confirmed that she wanted to go to museum. So we were on.

We were in the car and on our way by 10:15! SiM fell asleep on Prospect Expressway. Eh kept saying that she is tired but she didn't fall asleep until we were on UES. All was going well. I even circled around the Met for a while looking for the best possible parking spot so the kids would sleep longer. My best possible parking was 2 blocks away and right in front of some coffee shop. The kids were sleeping, sister and I were having cappuccinos, and life couldn't get any better.

Then Eh woke up , climbed in the back a bit, and decided that she wants to come out. SiM was woken up and in a bit on a bad mood. Sister and I were still optimistic.

When we walked into the lobby of the museum both kids perked up and seemed to be delighted to be there. We decided to see 'the dancer from Olivia' and then play it by ear.

Then Eh refused to get into an elevator. From that point on, (though we did look at some paintings a bit) they were taking turns attempting to cry, asking to be carried, and asking for (lolly)'pop'/apple doos. We were alternately looking for Degas, elevators, cafeteria, bathroom, elevators, accessible exit. Finally, after riding up and down the elevator and walking up and down hallways, we found a cafe. The kids perked up significantly after eating some bamba, cheese and bread.

The trip improved from that point on. We even found Degas with minimal effort (Eh's reaction to all the dancers was minimal as well). But I think the kids enjoyed most standing by the banister overlooking the main stairway and yelling hello to the people down below:)

We'll try the Children's museum next week...


Barb Chansky said...

I know I thretened to take them next time after they go to college, but, hope dies last:) And Eh did have that arrested look she has when she is interested in something; she just needed more sleep. But children's museum sounds like fun; I am in:)

Mikeinmidwood said...

Hope you had fun.