Friday, November 14, 2008

One way streets, flashing lights

Yesterday, when I was trying to turn onto my block, I found some truck conveniently parked across the whole street leaving just enough room for a smart car to pass. I waited one light worth of time to see if he'd move and since he didn't, I decided to come around from the other side of the block. Of course, as luck would have it, by the time I came around and started driving towards my house, the truck moved. So there I was, driving my conspicuous car down the wrong way on a one way street.

First it was my not-so-favorite neighbor, staring at me with her eyes and mouth wide open. I gestured her to keep moving ( while slowly driving myself). Then my friend who almost backed out from her driveway at me, she smiled and let me pass. I pulled over by a hydrant and let the traffic pass then continued to my driveway. As I was taking my baby out of his car seat, a young religious couple passed by with the guy looking at me once and his wife staring and staring and staring in the best tradition of boro park and flatbush.

If there was someone directing the traffic next to the truck/ if Eh wasn't late for play group / I wasn't late for work /if I was driving the wrong way just for the heck of it, I probably wouldn't find this whole story amusing. But I'm still grinning remembering the look of disbelief on my neighbor's face- like she never drove in Brooklyn before...

On a different subject- today on the way to work I was driving behind a Lexus with MD plates.
In front of us a school bus was flashing yellow and switched to red. The Lexus kept going.
What is wrong with all these drives who speed up instead of stopping when they see a school bus
flashing red lights!?!?!

Hubby once told me a story that a former school bus driver told him. When this driver started flashing red lights, some yiddishe mentch behind him DROVE ON THE SIDEWALK to pass the school bus! This yidishe mentch didn't have kids, siblings, relatives, neighbors? Or was he just impatient?


Jacob Da Jew said...

You've been B.P.S.ed!

Barb Chansky said...

I do not care about any kind of MD or other plates; next time I see anyone passing a school bus like this, I am reporting them to the police, bli neder; and I do not care how "frum" these jerks and morons are.
On the lighter note: staring back, especially with a smile: your idea is good; mine, as you know, is to stick out my tongue;works wonders every single time. Hey, I just had an idea: we should ask them if they are looking for Emily Post, or misplaced her recently. I am sure that will guarantee to startle them; Jacob, great definition:)

Mikeinmidwood said...

Driving in brooklyn. As I say dont try it.

Moshe said...

No, he just didn't care.
Was it this guy?