Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eh's vacation aka dinning out without kids

For some time now two themes kept coming up. My mom saying that she wants Eh to visit overnight and Eh saying that she wants to go on vacation.

Tonight both wishes came true...My mom came to visit and asked if tonight may be a good night for Eh to visit. Eh didn't nap today so she was in a bit of a mood by 5 PM. However, when I asked her if she wants to go on vacation to grandma she happily agreed.

SiM napped today for about an hour and typically little people his age (17 months) and even he, do much better with a 2-3 hr nap. In short, SiM was down by 6:30! This wonderful opportunity called for celebration so we decided to dine out.

My stand-by babysitter took a night off (why didn't I think of dinning out earlier today!?) but thankfully one of my neighbors babysits. Or should I say she babysits just about any time except for the last 2 times when I asked (tonight included). She told me her husband wasn't home yet but I can come back in a couple of hours...Then, out of desperation, I called my old neighbor who only lives 2 blocks away. "Are you home? Can you come to my house for an hour or so? My husband and I wanted to go out but the baby fell asleep...We'll be out for 1.5 hours the most?"

Gd bless my old neighbor who said "I'm on my way". We were ready in a jiffy, hubby outside, me still inside in my house waiting for the neighbor. After 15 minutes I got a call "I'm stuck behind a garbage truck, should be by you in a few minutes." What happened to walking on a pleasant autumn evening?

Then, I got a call from my mom. I thought she called to say hi... No one in particular answered my hello, but I heard Eh in the background saying "No, I want to talk to mommy myself!" Apparently, Eh fell asleep, had a bad dream, woke up and decided it was time to go home (vacation interrupted). My mom said that Eh got dressed all by herself ( my big girl!), packed her pjs and told my mom that she wants to sleep in her own bed...So, to save time, I told hubby to go pick her up while I wait for the babysitter who got stuck behind a garbage truck.

Finally, neighborly babysitter arrived. I said that Eh 'may be' coming back and was politely asked to take her with us to a restaurant. At this point, I was quite hungry, a bit peeved, and a bit tired, but with hope to have a nice time out. Then hubby called and told me he is waiting outside. I come out, get into the car, and realize that both car seats are empty. "Where is Eh?" "What do you mean? by your mom. What took you so long to come out?"

Now I felt very hungry, disappointed, and not too hopeful for an enjoyable dinner out. As luck would have it, Eh didn't fall asleep on the way home. As soon as we walked into the house, the neighborly babysitter got up, greeted Eh, wished us good night and was gone.

Eh refused to put on her PJs and I was too annoyed to care ( after all , she was wearing her clean clothes intended for tomorrow). She was out in less than 10 minutes and I went to try my luck again with the babysitter on my block again since I saw her husband car parked on the street. I knocked and After the longest minute ever, her husband opened the door and said that she went 'next door for the tehilim group'. Darn it! I forgot about the tehilim thing AND I didn't have a babysitter.

Hubby offered to make me dinner or to bring something home...."No! You said we were going out for dinner! I want to go out!" and out of sheer desperation I called my stand-by babysitter again only to get her voicemail.

Then I called my dad but he told me that he's visiting with my brother and afterwards he plans on going to sleep. But, my brother is willing to babysit. Why didn't I think of my brother?!

Around 9 PM I heard my brother come in. As I instructed him re: what to do if the baby wakes up brother said, If I knew I was babysitting I would have brought my book. But it's ok, I'll use the computer...No no, I don't mind babysitting...

Apparently, brother thought he came to visit us.

In the end, we went to Cafe Venezia and had a great dinner. On the way back to his house brother told me that one of my neighbors came over asking if we still needed a babysitter...


Lion of Zion said...

"Why didn't I think of my brother?!"

because he doesn't change diapers (at least that's why i never called my brother to babysit)

i'd ask for a restaurant review, but i don't care. i won't eat out milichig on principle.

but i'm glad you got out in the end

Jacob Da Jew said...

Lion: "i'd ask for a restaurant review, but i don't care. i won't eat out milichig on principle."

Cafe Venezia is good but high-end.

This whole post is why we never get to go out without da kids.

Barb Chansky said...

LOL bit time!!! Your usual babysitter forgot to charge her cell phone, hence the voice mail:), but she was actually home!! Your "unusual" babysitter survived the experience pretty OK by the last report, but, lion, you are right: he does not change diapers or handle drool very well, for that matter. I am also very happy that you ended up going out anyway:)

Sally Hazel said...

LOZ and Barb- absolutely right re: diapers and drool.

Re: Dairy...When I was driving home from work and even when the first babysitter came in I was very much in the mood of a good steak. But by the time we were actually on the way to eat it was a bit late for meat meal.

JDJ - High-end is a nice term for many overpriced establishments. But then again, even potato chips that used to be 1 oz for $.25 just about forever suddenly became .7 oz for the same price.

Anyhow, the food and service were quite good in Venezia.