Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today, we had our friends over for lunch. Typically, the conversation covered the events of the past week, plans for the upcoming weeks, acquaintances, friends, work. You name it. And then it somehow turned to people who come around to collect money and our various experiences related to the topic. Then, hubby asked if one of our neighbors is rich (that was an extended part of the 'collecting' discussion). And before our guest got a chance to answer, his wife said "I don't think so. But my husband is not a good reference, he thinks you are rich, too."

Everyone at the table had a good chuckle but this comment made me pause and realize that he is right. We are rich. Maybe not in the sense that our friend had intended it but we definitely are. And, of course, hubby's quotation of the chazal that 'he who is happy with his lot is truly rich' helped, too.

And, I'll have something to think about while I'm trying to fall asleep ( namely what exactly have we done to join the 'rich' category?).

Peace out and a wonderful week to all!

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