Sunday, March 9, 2008

The mystery of a disappearing wig

I wanted to buy a good wig for the past 28 months. If you wonder at my unusual attention to detail the answer is simple. It was 2 weeks prior to me becoming a mom that I almost bought a wig for an obscene amount of money but the credit card machine didn't work at the store and that was the last time I visited them.

Today, thanks to my friends, I found out that there is some sort of warehouse clearance sale ( or whatever the polite term is for around 500 wigs or so of all shapes and colors laying down on tables in the basement of some school, and women coming in hoards to get a 60% off bargain which necessitates trying on all these wigs in public, with a few not so strategically located mirrors, few combs too few and an invisible pull to buy at least two discounted-yet-still-not-so-affordable beauties that would make many a woman's hair look like a pitiful old blushing brush in comparison). Whew. That was one heck of a run-on sentence!

Anyhow, there I was, part of the throng of bargain hunters. I didn't even find my friend at first but right away I found two potential purchases. They quickly turned into three. I was lucky and found a spot by the mirror right away but as I took for contender #1 and was trying to put on contender #2 some girl, who wasn't even buying for herself (and was just trying on something that her mom wanted to buy) occupied the space by the mirror. I politely excused myself but naturally she reappeared as I removed #2 and attempted to put on #3.

Sadly, due to daylight savings time it seems like it's past my bedtime already so there is only so much detail I can provide...Let's just say that in the end (1.5 hours later) my choices were boiled down from 6 ( yes, there were lots of possibilities) to 2. And one of them was SO overpriced (and that's with the 60% discount) and SO comfortable that I was seriously considering making it mine. It was so comfortable I even feared that it was too big for me. But the owner reassured me that " it fits perfectly and it's a beautiful handmade piece."

Advertisement always works on me, by the way. So I showed my final choices to my friend ( who by then made her selection) and she approved both. The last deciding vote was that of hubbies. At the time I had the less expensive option on my head and the 'beautiful piece" in my hand. I put it down on the table to search for my phone, while still conversing with my friend and looking in the mirror. And then I happened to look at the table and realized that the masterpiece was gone!

I spent another 15 minutes looking for it. I recruited my friend, the owner and her daughter to help me. They made an announcement requesting for the masterpiece to be returned to its rightful potential owner. I gave a couple of dirty looks to a few women who looked like potential masterpiece snatchers. I even questioned a couple re: items that they had in their hands. A couple of wannabes were found but they were the wrong color. And as revved up as I was about buying a bargain masterpiece, almost didn't do it for me this time around.

The masterpiece was gone. Vanished. Disappeared into the air.

I finally realized that I should just buy the one that was still in my possession and go home. Though at that point, if the masterpiece was found I'd buy it just because it's value went up in my eyes as something that took a while to find ( again, I never denied being a victim of advertisement[s]). I even left my phone number with them just in case they found it. I was willing to buy both the masterpiece and my now 2nd but only choice.

Now it's 11:30PM, I'm more than 45 minutes late with my nightly routine and yet I took the time to write about the wig not taken. And I can't help but wonder if the disappearance act didn't happen and I bought the more expensive wig, how likely is it that I would I be sitting in front of the computer and blogging about paying an obscene amount of money for a nicely arranged bunch of someone else's hair!?


Moshe said...

Yep, hair tends to disappear suddenly and inexplicably. I think the wig decided it was made of male hair and decided it was time to go :-D

SubWife said...

LOL, Moshe. Sally, on the other hand, it sucks what happened to you.