Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eviction, update

Where do I begin? Probably a good place to start would be to compare writing to exercise. It's only fun if you do it consistently, i.e. you have a routine. Once that routine is broken, getting back is harder than starting for the first time. You wonder who needs it, why did you do it in the first place? You've done enough writing ( exercising) to last you a life time, etc., etc., etc.

Then, you finally remember why you started doing 'it' in the first place. That's why I decided to write an update on my evict-the-baby-from-my-bed situation ( and why I have a very battered-but-still-can-be-used free pass to LA Fitness Club in the pocket of my labcoat).

The night I stopped writing eviction updates was also the night when I was SO exhausted (from stuff?) that I went to bed at an unheard of hour of 10pm. Naturally, my baby woke up before I even got a chance to fall asleep. So I just plopped him into bed with me and did what came naturally. We were both sleeping in no time! The next thing I remember is hubby changing baby's diaper. When I mumbled something in an attempt to explain that I want to forget the discipline and just get some sleep he said not to worry so I went back to sleep. The following morning I realized that hubby returned the baby back to his crib and basically woke up every time the baby did to help me keep the eviction process going.

Sadly, waking up like that didn't do hubby any good and the next few nights we took turns snuggling with the baby or rather allowing the baby to snuggle in with us. But all in all, we are heading in the right direction and the baby spends at least a portion of the night in his crib and that's an achievement in and of itself!

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