Monday, March 17, 2008

Eviction, night 3

Last night was a bit of a setback. Apparently, while I was doing laundry and before I wrote last night's entry, the baby woke up, was fed and changed by hubby and was put back to sleep ( in his crib:)). He woke up again around 12. And again, thanks to hubby he was back asleep in his crib. At 2-something, it was my turn to wake up for him and in a moment of weakness I took the baby into my bed, thinking that after I nurse him and he'll fall asleep I'll put him back where he belongs. But baby didn't want to nurse for some reason. And frustrated I was about to get out of bed and try to give him a bottle until I looked at the clock and realized that 2 + hours passed. Apparently, he nursed quite successfully before and was ready for another installment. It was hubby's turn to pacify the little guy.

In my semiawake state I have no idea when and how but the baby woke up completely and was standing in his crib practicing his speeches- na na na, bababa, ma ma, da da da, etc, etc,etc. We both tried to ignore him, be annoyed and all. But he was so cute and cheerful - we had to laugh.

Then I got tired and took him to bed with me. The next thing I know my alarm went off though by the time I actually opened my eyes I was only 40 minutes late...Good luck to us today. Peace out:)

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