Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eviction, night 2 / Carnival

Last night, after I finally got to bed, I felt exceptionally comfortable and quite lonely. No delicious hair to sniff for a good-night-aroma-therapy, no warn chuncky little feet to poke me. With my newly found freedom it tooke me some time to actually fall asleep. I wonder if that's what parents experience when they finally marry off their children and then suddenly and painfully feel all alone.

Basically, the baby woke up 4 times during the night. (Too many times for someone his age). Still even with all the getting out of bed to quiet the baby, I felt that I had a better night's sleep overall. Plus, to comfort us both, I took him to my bed to nurse around 4 ( though I put him back to his crib as soon as he fell asleep) and I took him to my bed around 6:30 and though he never went back to sleep, I was in the state of semiwakefulness which was the next best thing to sleeping ( with a little bonus of listening to him babble).

Tonight, he turned in around 8 PM (thanks to my visiting sister aka mother's helper:)) so he should be waking up in 15 minutes or so...So I should go and prepare a bottle of water (with back up bottle of milk because I have a suspicion he'll refuse water after he'll realize what's given to him) so that he's awake as little as possible.

Thanks all for your support and encouragement. More to follow.

PS Today, the kids and I went to a Purim carnival. The baby fell asleep on the way, which was good. We got there early to avoid the crouds but walked into the carnival area and I realized that she's a bit too young for most of the entertainment, I felt a bit disappointed. Then I found 2 things that she can participate in- face painting and air-walk (though it's not the proper name).

My usually talkative girl took her time in affirming with a nod that she's like to have a picture on her face, and that picture can be a flower. After that, I asked her if she'd like to jump on a big big mattress and she said yes. Naturally, as soon as I placed her on top of the mattress, she refused to jump. Thankfully, since there were no other customers at the time, the attendant allowed me to go in with her. She was giggling non stop and when the time came for us to exit she said she wants to go back.

To make the long story a bit shorter we spend most of the 2 hours with Eh either jumping on the 'mattress' or waiting in line to jump again. We took two little breaks to eat hamentashen and pizza but then we returned to the mattress again:).

The day went a bit downhill from there because Eh ended up taking a late nap and waking up an hour later in a bad mood. But when I asked her to describe to her dad where she went today, she just said " I want to go again" and I felt proud of myself as a parent who actually goes somewhere with her kids (and that somewhere is not just a trip to a local RiteAid).

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