Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eviction, night 1

For the select few who read my blog- it finally happened! For those who just wandered by, I'm proud to report that after 9 months and 1 week of cosleeping tonight is the night when my baby was evicted out of my bed into his crib.

The process was long and complicated. Initially, he was sleeping on and off in his bassinette ( inherited from the big sister). However, there were 2 factors that made constant sleeping in the bassinette rather difficult. 1- he was a larger baby and outgrew the pretty box pretty quickly. 2- The true reason is that around the time the big sister was about 6 months old, I learned that I can nurse her while laying down (read 'sleeping') with a bit of discomfort but lots of other advantages. So I started this baby off by sleeping with me more than sleeping in his bed. I knew it wasn't advised in 'Babywise" to mention but a few 'experts'. But what the heck, I am an expert of self, and I knew that frequently interrupted yet quickly regained sleep is better than who-knows-how-frequently-interrupted but definitely not as quicly regained sleep.

But now the natural, even if almost symbolic at this point, source of nourishment doesn't always seem to quiet baby down. And since the crib's been completely available for over a month, hubby finally got annoyed enough to move the crib into our room (hopeless optimist that I am, for a while there, I sincerely thought the loud baby can sleep in the same room with his older sister), and tonight is the first night the little baby (though sometimes, unkindly, I wish to call him a foghorn) is sleeping in the crib!!!!!!!!!!!

So far, he woke up after 2.25 hours but, thank Gd, went back to sleep after consuming a bottle of milk. And I know I should be in bed enjoying my newly found even if possibly short lived freedom but I realized I have to share my happy moment with my friends and family.

On that note, peace out and good luck to me!

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SubWife said...

oy, we are in the process too, with two kids at the same time. May the force be with you, it ain't simple for either party... but the earlier, the easier, i think.