Thursday, November 1, 2007

One of the reasons I love the city

When Ed and I used to go out on the town, we spotted this establishment somewhere in the 50s. I think I took this picture near midtown tunnel ( they have more than one office?) or queensboro bridge?


SWife said...

So many clever comments, too bad not a single one decent to put into writing. sigh... This is my cross to bear - to keep all the clever comments to myself, at least until I get home.

Sally Hazel said...

LOL! How true!
And I remembered that this clinic is located near Bloomingdales (I was actually in the middle of the street with my medium brown bags when I snapped this picture). So it's near Queensborough Bridge exist. I still wonder though if there is another clinic in the 50s or it just relocated to a more obscure ( secure) location?