Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First carrots

A few weeks ago I realized that there is a TJ Maxx 5 min away from work which I can visit during lunch. That led to me a discovery of the Gap, KB Toys, Piere 1, Barnes and Noble, Sears, AND Pathmark. Not all in the same location, however all close enough to be visited during lunch. ( Of course that would mean missing 'Who wants to be a millionaire" show, but something had to give...)
Anywho, yesterday, aka Monday, Nov 26, I went to Pathmark and bought a whole bunch of baby food- little stage 1 beginner jars of apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, and prunes; oatmeal with bananas and rice with apples; toddler crackers ( though Eh prefers the grown up version aka CooKies). I also bought a ripe avocado, a cucumber and a couple of tomatoes on the vine- one never knows what fringe benefits a fresh salad for dinner can bring...
Anywho, I wasn't sure if I should give SiM sweet potatoes or carrots but eventually decided on the carrots.
He enjoyed them a lot- though most of the first carrots ended on his bib there was an unmistakable enthusiasm with which he mouthes the spoon with the orange gook.
Eh naturally wanted to have some, too. And since last night was the night when I was againts cross contamination ( if that's the term I want to use) of food, so Eh got a jar of bananas. She politely refused them ( after getting some on her shirt and the table) so I ended up with an almost 2 ounce banana dessert! Life is beautiful!!!


SubWife said...

mm-mmm-mmm. Banana dessert. I am seriously considering baby #3. Otherwise, how can I justify shopping for baby food?

SubWife said...

Carrots, on the other hand,are a very different story.