Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A very happy unbirthday

One of my friends invited us to her daughter's 2nd bday party. The party was called for 6:30p on a Sunday, approx 1 hour drive from us.
When I first got the verbal invitation (approx 10 days prior), both of my kids had colds so I told my friend there is a chance we won't come.
Then, as the happy day was getting closer, I was a bit disgruntled about the whole party idea- 630p on the day when the clock was changed was , for all intents and purposes, 7:30 for my daughter. And, that's her bedtime. Then, there's the 1 hour drive, etc, etc, etc
Eventually, hubs, I and Eh decided to go.Eh was chosen to attend since, after all, it was someone's 2nd bday party
I spend over an hour picking out a bday gift and a house warming gift (we were going to friend's house for the first time. yay!), Eh got dressed in a pretty new outfit. I even put on some make up for the occasion.
Sis came to us to babysit SiM. So, off we went ( somehow managing to leave the house close to the time the party was called for).
Husband asked me to call and say that we are on our way.
When I called my friend, she told me the party was cancelled. Her daughter was sick with high fever the night before, they spent the whole night in the ER, and the party was cancelled by 12 noon... (The natural question that was running through my mind was "Where was I when the cancellation happened?!" She went on to say that since I initially told her that I wasn't sure re: our attendence, and since I didn't call to ask for directions,she thought I won't come. Blah!
At that point, hubs made a uturn (thankfully we didn't get too far) and said that since we are all prepped up, might as well go to the city for dinner (!).
However, to my embarrassment and for the first time in my history, I declined an invitation to have dinner in the city ( possibly because of our little company who, in the meantime, was enjoying the ride with parents).
In the end, we settled on a restaurant in BP (the next best thing to the city:)).
Eh got a hotdog with KETSUP (or I should probably say ketsup with hotdog on a side) and was one of the best behaved kids in high chairs with a white cloth napkin for a bib. We even got a compliment on her good behavior from a mom of a squirming toddler sitting 2 tables away from us. She also enjoyed some chicken soup, and fries.
Then, to treat her, we ordered dessert. But it took the waiter a looooooong time to get it -Eh got a bit cranky waiting for it. And once it came, a little upside down cake didn't seem to impress her. However, she very much enjoyed the ice cream that came with it. And we just loooved watching her ( and of course, helping out with the upside down cake).
This was the first time the 3 of us went out since Pesach. A very happy unbirthday ( which was close to celebrating Eh's 22 month bday but not quite it), thanks to my friend for cancelling the party!
PS. Friend's daughter is feeling better...

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