Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday party vs potty chair

In order to see ( or hear ) similarities in these you either have to be one who's ESL or a 22 month old.

On Sunday Eh, SiM, and I went to visit Papi and Beddy. Then, SiM stayed with Papi and I drove back home with Eh. On the way home I told Eh that we were going to go to a birthday party, and asked her if she was excited to go. Eh said "Mama, Eti, Abba go birday potty chair". I didn't even catch on right away. So I told her, yes, Eh is going to come home and go on potty chair and then we are going to a birthday party. So she repeated " birthday potty chair' story a few times more until I finally realized what she was saying.
I presume it was a combination of my accent and her toddler associations- she is well aware of what a potty chair is but the concept of party was new to her.
Anyway, once we arrived to the birthday potty chair, Eh had a blast - danced a lot, ate her favorite bread with hummy, and even had a big cookie ( though she she only ate less than 1/2 a cookie and said ' no more').
By the way, this was the rescheduled birthday party ( chair) that didn't happen a couple of weeks ago... I didn't tell my friend Eh's name for the even- these things can so easily be misunderstood.

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