Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No speak English

Last week I came up with a great idea. Since one of my good friends lives in Long Island, I thought I may visit her during one of my lunch breaks!
I called her on Monday, told her I want to come during lunch. She sounded excited. Told me that she'd have to leave @ 2:15 to pick up her daughter. I said, my lunch isn't that long. So we agreed that I'd come in but call her when I was on my way.
I called her somewhere midway to her house. I got voicemail. So I figured she was busy with something and that's why she didn't answer the phone. Silly me, I didn't leave a message.
I finally located her house around 12:35 (I left exactly by 12). She lives in one of those neighborhoods where people park in driveways only. NO cars visible on the street. Anywho, there were no visible cars in her driveway, either.
I called her cell. twice. I called her house. Then she called me back saying that she was at the mall and it would take her 30 min to get home. And, why didn't I call her before coming?
I told her my story of how I called and got her voice mail, etc. It didn't even enter my mind that she wouldn't be home .
sigh. That was a second time in 2 weeks when I didn't make it to her house. Well, at least I dropped off the birthday/house warming gifts! ( Btw, if you weren't actually in the house when you deliver the house warming gift, is it still considered house warming gift or just a package that someone forgot at the door step?).

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