Saturday, November 3, 2007

Exploding vocabulary

Since I don't keep up with my baby blogs (read- any blogs), I thought I'll include Eh's latest accomplishments here.

She speaks in baby sentences now which means she says all the important words like nouns and verbs and omits all other, at the moment, not-as-important words.

She also translates some of the words that she knows in more than one language, i.e. she says both of them. Examples: agala stroller, yes ken, shapa hat, towel blanket (she used to call blankets 'towel', now apparently either she, or the nanny decided that towel "tatu' is a foreign word, hence it's also translated), kutka jacket, etc

She used to be sweet - when parting with someone say 'bye' and blow them a kiss. Now, she is soficticated- when parting she says ' bye, see you'.

She makes SiM laugh better than anyone- often on her own, or by request. All one has to do is say " Eh, make baby happy" and there she is- talking to him, or making faces, or screeching (used to be my favorite sound, though lately I can't always handle the volume), laughing..

She also knows that he likes to put everything but the kitchen sink (aba doesn't appreciate babies in sink, otherwise I'm sure SiM would've tried) into his mouth. So periodically, she helps him by putting his toys or his pacifier into his mouth. A couple of times, she even previewed the taste. She also offers him all of her snacks and milk. I try to explain that baby doesn't eat anything but milk. Then, there is the long ( and not sure how clear for Eh) explanation why baby can't have Eh's milk or should've have her pacifier, or why she should've put his toys and pac. into her mouth. "Let's not give this to baby" or "Please don't take his stuff" works sometimes but not as often as one would wish.

Today, I braided her hair for the first time. Don't know why I didn't think of doing it before since now, she not only allows the nanny ( and me!) to put her hair into ponytails, she asks for it. Anywho, her little braid with baby highlights looks very sweet.
Anywho, time for bed.

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Barb Chansky said...

I hope you got the picture of the braid:)