Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Verbal expressions and 1/2 jokes

A couple of months ago I was bypassed for promotion. It's a long but uncomplicated story. The point - my current semiboss sadly does not command respect. Yesterday, in the departmental gathering, which happens at the end of the day (aka lets-talk-or-make-calls-to-get-more-hours time), this semiboss said that he and another wannabe are practically best friends. To which I said, " I knew there was a reason I don't like you." An awkward silence followed. My 1/2 joke was taken literally...
Well, it was probably 85% literal and 15% joke. That's not the point. The question is, how prudent is it to be so outspoken!? Even in a casual environment, even when one isn't afraid or doesn't care to lose one's job, when does outspokenness (is there such a word? @ 11:54pm it's hard to say) becomes stupidity?
I just lost my train of thought. And this answers the second, unspoken question. My brain completely shuts down around midnight.
Peace out and til next time.


SWife said...

was that a rhetorical question?

Sally Hazel said...

Absolutely! Well, yes absolutely partially rhetorical. You know, the kind where you kind of know the answer yet hope that it'll work as an ice breaker/ conversation starter by prompting someone to answer it.