Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On living in a cave

I think it was a couple of years after college that I found myself an inexpensive cave and lived there a few days a week. Since those days, the cave's become my permanent residence and I get out of there a couple of times a month ( give or take a few).
Luckily for me I work in a facility which has TVs on every floor and most of them are on all the time. That's how I get to watch the early show, racheal ray show, the view, the price is right, 12p news, millionaire, all my children, days of our lives, one life to live, general hospital, oprah, 5p news, occasional ellen, and occasional cnn.
I sometimes used to buy a newspaper from a nice indian guy on Jamaica Avenue, if I was waiting by the light. But I pretty much stopped that- there is no point in bringing in recycable material into the house, keep it my desk for a few days, forget to recycle it on the designated day and then keep it in recycling pile for another week. And all that in hopes of reading some headlines, to get out of the cave.
Sometimes, my coworkers have newspapers on their desks- I'll read those even if they are a few days old - to me they are usually still news.
There is also they 10p news- but the anchors are too enthusiastic for that time of day for me to watch the whole hour. And, often I find better things to do with my time.
Yahoo news (most often in headline form) is one of my sources of information but lately I don't get too much web time.
My sister periodically sends me links and articles but because of my limited web time, I get to about 5% of that stuff.
I DO pretty religiously listen to bloomberg radio with includes world news , muse news, and lots of fun market information. BUT, with all these sources of my information, I somehow missed Dumbledore's eulogy and all that followed.
I even discussed it with Barb C yesterday (it seems like she gave me a verbal report of it when it happened- the verbal reports, btw, are yet another source of my current events) and why the world was better off without the above mentioned eulogy.
Maybe I should be more thankful to my cave for my general state of content. And maybe I've been feeling so blah in the last few days because one of my coworkers early Mon morning gave me a verbal report of some local dentist's shooting right before his 4 year old daughter. (And, I've been hearing about it from many people since. Those who have heard the story, may realize why some think I should know about, too).
Anywho, must go to post office and mail a time sensitive package before it becomes a bunch of clothes of useless sizes in a recycled box.

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