Saturday, October 27, 2007


I don't know why in my approaching-middle-thirties-yet-still-in-early-thirties days I have such a hard time logging on to my google account. I don't even know if I should admit it in writing but for the past few months I've created and forgot 4 or 5 accounts in my attempts to leave comments on my sisters blog. I couldn't remember the password, the email that matched the password, which email I used, what was my user name, etc, etc, etc...

What happened to my great hey days when I was just Sally Hazel and signing in was a breeze?!

And I'm writing all this because just now before I was able to log on and write something I had to spend 5 minutes or so resetting my password! Mind you at least google gave me that option this time. With my other 4 or 5 accounts ( for reasons i'd rather not mention here, I don't actually remember how many accounts there were), I didn't even get the option of resetting- hence the useless load of unused accounts.

Anyhow, enough of my complaints and on to the exciting stuff in my life.

Last week, on Sunday Papi, Yummy, and the kids ( including the writer aka designated driver) went to Battery Park. We had so much fun Eh and I didn't want to leave... The weather people promised good weather on Monday as well so I decided, since Eh never really played in the sand in that park, to go to the park on Monday as well, and correct the not-yet-played-in-the-sand thing.

The weather people got lucky and weather was absolutely great on Monday, so I actually told everyone at work that I have an important date, left early (2pm), and came home while Eh was still napping. Nanny, accepting my offer, joined us with SiM.

We had a blast of a time-played in the sand with shoes on, crocs on, crocs off; threw sand in the air, on our hair, on the slides; jumped on bouncers; rocked on rockers; enjoyed the swings; basically, it was worth all the opportunity costs involved in this trip.

On the way back, I was telling the nanny how great this park and the neighborhood is - "I used to live here, could've bought an apartment at the time, even though it's part of downtown Manhattan it's very isolated...blah blah blah" And then the nanny asked "Is it really that isolated?" And I explained that a train station is not too far away... But my heart beat became irregular. While I was talking to her, in the back of my mind I realized that she may be considering her options!? Hope it was just a paranoid moment.

I got interrupted while writing this post. Now I naturally don't remember what I wanted to write. Life

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