Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The golden compass

Albeit this is no Harry Potter, today after listening to my daily dose of Bloomberg radio, I surfed the channels ( if that's what I want to say) and heard , on BBC, 3 ladies discussing the evens of this compass movie and the danger of unsuspecting parents buying this compass book for their kids for the ' holidays' .
In conclusion (I want to make the most out of my quite time), one of the ladies with a pleasant voice and a lovely British accent summarized this hype by basically saying ' a zochen vey' to the catholics if they are afraid that this book might undermine them.
Whew- a periodic outing from the cave does feel good.

Thank you book

I think it was probably yesterday or last week ( though I cannot at all be certain0 but I saw on TV ( naturally during work hours) there is a publication, possibly a best seller where a lady basically writes her outlook ( not the right term, but my time at the computer is short, so it'll have to do) on life- every single day to find and write down in a little journal things that she is thankful for.
What a wonderful idea, an attitude makeover- not just a mode ani in AM but in PM as well.
So now I realize-among many many things that I'm greatful for, I'm not only greatful for the food at my work and also for the many TVs there! Thanks

First carrots

A few weeks ago I realized that there is a TJ Maxx 5 min away from work which I can visit during lunch. That led to me a discovery of the Gap, KB Toys, Piere 1, Barnes and Noble, Sears, AND Pathmark. Not all in the same location, however all close enough to be visited during lunch. ( Of course that would mean missing 'Who wants to be a millionaire" show, but something had to give...)
Anywho, yesterday, aka Monday, Nov 26, I went to Pathmark and bought a whole bunch of baby food- little stage 1 beginner jars of apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, and prunes; oatmeal with bananas and rice with apples; toddler crackers ( though Eh prefers the grown up version aka CooKies). I also bought a ripe avocado, a cucumber and a couple of tomatoes on the vine- one never knows what fringe benefits a fresh salad for dinner can bring...
Anywho, I wasn't sure if I should give SiM sweet potatoes or carrots but eventually decided on the carrots.
He enjoyed them a lot- though most of the first carrots ended on his bib there was an unmistakable enthusiasm with which he mouthes the spoon with the orange gook.
Eh naturally wanted to have some, too. And since last night was the night when I was againts cross contamination ( if that's the term I want to use) of food, so Eh got a jar of bananas. She politely refused them ( after getting some on her shirt and the table) so I ended up with an almost 2 ounce banana dessert! Life is beautiful!!!

Birthday party vs potty chair

In order to see ( or hear ) similarities in these you either have to be one who's ESL or a 22 month old.

On Sunday Eh, SiM, and I went to visit Papi and Beddy. Then, SiM stayed with Papi and I drove back home with Eh. On the way home I told Eh that we were going to go to a birthday party, and asked her if she was excited to go. Eh said "Mama, Eti, Abba go birday potty chair". I didn't even catch on right away. So I told her, yes, Eh is going to come home and go on potty chair and then we are going to a birthday party. So she repeated " birthday potty chair' story a few times more until I finally realized what she was saying.
I presume it was a combination of my accent and her toddler associations- she is well aware of what a potty chair is but the concept of party was new to her.
Anyway, once we arrived to the birthday potty chair, Eh had a blast - danced a lot, ate her favorite bread with hummy, and even had a big cookie ( though she she only ate less than 1/2 a cookie and said ' no more').
By the way, this was the rescheduled birthday party ( chair) that didn't happen a couple of weeks ago... I didn't tell my friend Eh's name for the even- these things can so easily be misunderstood.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SiM Can sit unsupported

I saw it on friday when he was sitting with the babysitter but I thought maybe may be she was holding him a bit. Yet, yesterday, Tuesday, hubs called me over to see that Sim is sitting on the bed unsupported aka by himself!
PS A very happy birthday to Barb!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SiM rolled over!

Sometime at the end of last week, Nov 18ish, he rolled from his back to his stomach! Yay! And, he can sit with two hand anterior support for a few (30 or so) seconds. Way to go, SiM!

No speak English

Last week I came up with a great idea. Since one of my good friends lives in Long Island, I thought I may visit her during one of my lunch breaks!
I called her on Monday, told her I want to come during lunch. She sounded excited. Told me that she'd have to leave @ 2:15 to pick up her daughter. I said, my lunch isn't that long. So we agreed that I'd come in but call her when I was on my way.
I called her somewhere midway to her house. I got voicemail. So I figured she was busy with something and that's why she didn't answer the phone. Silly me, I didn't leave a message.
I finally located her house around 12:35 (I left exactly by 12). She lives in one of those neighborhoods where people park in driveways only. NO cars visible on the street. Anywho, there were no visible cars in her driveway, either.
I called her cell. twice. I called her house. Then she called me back saying that she was at the mall and it would take her 30 min to get home. And, why didn't I call her before coming?
I told her my story of how I called and got her voice mail, etc. It didn't even enter my mind that she wouldn't be home .
sigh. That was a second time in 2 weeks when I didn't make it to her house. Well, at least I dropped off the birthday/house warming gifts! ( Btw, if you weren't actually in the house when you deliver the house warming gift, is it still considered house warming gift or just a package that someone forgot at the door step?).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another milestone!

Today I got a call from the babysitter around 4 PM- not a typical time for her to check in . I was about to get concerned when the babysitter got straight to the point... Eh pooped on the potty!!!! For the first time!

YAY! Though I wish I was the one who convinced her to use the device, I'm still very proud of my little Eh's achievement!

PS Above mentioned achievement was documented on Thursday, Nov 15 but due to technical difficulties, I couldn't post it til today. Peace

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I was browsing through the pictures in my email, came upon this one, and had an epiphany: " I am Maxine in a body of a younger woman ( and I don't have a dog, yet).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Verbal expressions and 1/2 jokes

A couple of months ago I was bypassed for promotion. It's a long but uncomplicated story. The point - my current semiboss sadly does not command respect. Yesterday, in the departmental gathering, which happens at the end of the day (aka lets-talk-or-make-calls-to-get-more-hours time), this semiboss said that he and another wannabe are practically best friends. To which I said, " I knew there was a reason I don't like you." An awkward silence followed. My 1/2 joke was taken literally...
Well, it was probably 85% literal and 15% joke. That's not the point. The question is, how prudent is it to be so outspoken!? Even in a casual environment, even when one isn't afraid or doesn't care to lose one's job, when does outspokenness (is there such a word? @ 11:54pm it's hard to say) becomes stupidity?
I just lost my train of thought. And this answers the second, unspoken question. My brain completely shuts down around midnight.
Peace out and til next time.

A very happy unbirthday

One of my friends invited us to her daughter's 2nd bday party. The party was called for 6:30p on a Sunday, approx 1 hour drive from us.
When I first got the verbal invitation (approx 10 days prior), both of my kids had colds so I told my friend there is a chance we won't come.
Then, as the happy day was getting closer, I was a bit disgruntled about the whole party idea- 630p on the day when the clock was changed was , for all intents and purposes, 7:30 for my daughter. And, that's her bedtime. Then, there's the 1 hour drive, etc, etc, etc
Eventually, hubs, I and Eh decided to go.Eh was chosen to attend since, after all, it was someone's 2nd bday party
I spend over an hour picking out a bday gift and a house warming gift (we were going to friend's house for the first time. yay!), Eh got dressed in a pretty new outfit. I even put on some make up for the occasion.
Sis came to us to babysit SiM. So, off we went ( somehow managing to leave the house close to the time the party was called for).
Husband asked me to call and say that we are on our way.
When I called my friend, she told me the party was cancelled. Her daughter was sick with high fever the night before, they spent the whole night in the ER, and the party was cancelled by 12 noon... (The natural question that was running through my mind was "Where was I when the cancellation happened?!" She went on to say that since I initially told her that I wasn't sure re: our attendence, and since I didn't call to ask for directions,she thought I won't come. Blah!
At that point, hubs made a uturn (thankfully we didn't get too far) and said that since we are all prepped up, might as well go to the city for dinner (!).
However, to my embarrassment and for the first time in my history, I declined an invitation to have dinner in the city ( possibly because of our little company who, in the meantime, was enjoying the ride with parents).
In the end, we settled on a restaurant in BP (the next best thing to the city:)).
Eh got a hotdog with KETSUP (or I should probably say ketsup with hotdog on a side) and was one of the best behaved kids in high chairs with a white cloth napkin for a bib. We even got a compliment on her good behavior from a mom of a squirming toddler sitting 2 tables away from us. She also enjoyed some chicken soup, and fries.
Then, to treat her, we ordered dessert. But it took the waiter a looooooong time to get it -Eh got a bit cranky waiting for it. And once it came, a little upside down cake didn't seem to impress her. However, she very much enjoyed the ice cream that came with it. And we just loooved watching her ( and of course, helping out with the upside down cake).
This was the first time the 3 of us went out since Pesach. A very happy unbirthday ( which was close to celebrating Eh's 22 month bday but not quite it), thanks to my friend for cancelling the party!
PS. Friend's daughter is feeling better...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Exploding vocabulary

Since I don't keep up with my baby blogs (read- any blogs), I thought I'll include Eh's latest accomplishments here.

She speaks in baby sentences now which means she says all the important words like nouns and verbs and omits all other, at the moment, not-as-important words.

She also translates some of the words that she knows in more than one language, i.e. she says both of them. Examples: agala stroller, yes ken, shapa hat, towel blanket (she used to call blankets 'towel', now apparently either she, or the nanny decided that towel "tatu' is a foreign word, hence it's also translated), kutka jacket, etc

She used to be sweet - when parting with someone say 'bye' and blow them a kiss. Now, she is soficticated- when parting she says ' bye, see you'.

She makes SiM laugh better than anyone- often on her own, or by request. All one has to do is say " Eh, make baby happy" and there she is- talking to him, or making faces, or screeching (used to be my favorite sound, though lately I can't always handle the volume), laughing..

She also knows that he likes to put everything but the kitchen sink (aba doesn't appreciate babies in sink, otherwise I'm sure SiM would've tried) into his mouth. So periodically, she helps him by putting his toys or his pacifier into his mouth. A couple of times, she even previewed the taste. She also offers him all of her snacks and milk. I try to explain that baby doesn't eat anything but milk. Then, there is the long ( and not sure how clear for Eh) explanation why baby can't have Eh's milk or should've have her pacifier, or why she should've put his toys and pac. into her mouth. "Let's not give this to baby" or "Please don't take his stuff" works sometimes but not as often as one would wish.

Today, I braided her hair for the first time. Don't know why I didn't think of doing it before since now, she not only allows the nanny ( and me!) to put her hair into ponytails, she asks for it. Anywho, her little braid with baby highlights looks very sweet.
Anywho, time for bed.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

One of the reasons I love the city

When Ed and I used to go out on the town, we spotted this establishment somewhere in the 50s. I think I took this picture near midtown tunnel ( they have more than one office?) or queensboro bridge?