Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How I became a mom

One of my friends joined a birthing story contest and since I came home early today and I have a whole hour to myself I decided i have enough time to blog a bit. And why not retell that wonderful event at the end of which I had a new title...
But luckily for me, I've already recorded it in my pregnancy blog so this is just an edited version:

Basically, early (4something AM) Saturday morning, Dec 31 I woke up from lower abdominal pain. Bathroom, I thought... So I took care of business but the pain didn't go away. CONTRACTIONS, I realized and stayed awake for a few minutes thinking about finally meeting Alie(a name of endearment for the little alien living inside of me).

I felt another contraction and then I fell asleep. In the morning, I told hubby that I think the day has finally come and described my symptoms ( upon request). I went to the services where I felt a few more bouts of low abdominal discomfort and one very unpleasant backache. I shared all of this with hubs when we came home for lunch and even proposed a walk after eating. Grin. I ended up walking by myself for about 45 minutes and went to take a nap afterwards. By 4 PM contractions intensified and by 5:15ish became quite frequent, 4-7 minutes and unpleasant to the point where I didn't even have the energy to call family and let them know that the time is nearing.

By 6ish, contractions started coming even closer together 3-5 minutes and I called a doula ( recommended to me by a friend) who was, as expected on vacation. I told her that contrary to popular belief (the MD told me on Thursday that it'll be at least a week until the baby comes) I'm in labor and would she recommend anyone else? She asked me to describe my symptoms( can still talk through contractions and all), told me it's too early to go to the hospital, recommended a shower for relaxation and volunteered to call a few of her friends. Needless to say, though she was extremely nice, she was unable to find anyone on such a short notice, on new years eve. She found someone who offered to assist for $1000 ( though her regular price was 1600( USD!!!!) but at that point I just said that I'll have to tough it out.

Hubby, based on my 3-4 min contractions, suggested we go to the hospital.
I, who was definitely unfortunate for all the info that I've accumulated in my head, said that I don't want to be sent home and I'd rather take a shower. So, while I showered to the point of draining all the hot, warm, and lukewarm water in the house, he went to pick up my mom so she can come to the hospital with us. Close to 9 PM, he convinced me to go to the hospital, thank Gd! Needless to say, I was pretty out of it in the car- my mom massaged my back while I pretended to do some of that breathing stuff that's supposed to help and thanks to my excellent driver, we got to the hospital (located on the Upper East Side) in less than 30 min (average ETA 45-60 minutes).

I was 3-4 cm dialated on admission @~9:25. There was an exceptionally nasty resident who was asking me the same questions that a nurse had already asked. I tried telling him that I've already given all the information to the lady who was in the room before him. To which he said, " I'm admitting you, not she." And though normally I'd probably have something equally nasty to say to him, he was in the position of power, so I just answered his questions as unpleasantly as I can...

When asked if I want any pain relief, I said yes, but unfortunately the nurse didn't ask which pain relief I wanted before she left, and I didn't remember to specify. My water broke while I was still in triage. By 10:30 I felt the urge to push, at which point they finally got the anaesthesiologist. I was 7 cm.
Soon after the substitute of a substitute of my OB came in and introduced himself and by 11:25 I was ready to push... And I was pushing and pushing and pushing like crazy with only 35 minutes to meet my taxes deadline.
When my nurse, Ms. Martin (in retrospect, probably the only person who paid her full attention to me regardless of the upcoming new year) said "Let's take a break and watch the ball drop", I realized I missed both my tax deadline and the first baby of the year glory.

Basically epidural slowed my contractions down to the point where after 3 hours of pushing (with pitocin), they gave me a choice of a c-section or a forceps delivery. I think I even shed a tear when I heard that c-section was a real option. I mean, I could've picked a better time (in 2005) for a c-section if I thought that was the only option...I asked what about forceps? MD said there is a risk of a whole bunch of complications, etc, etc, etc but that they usually don't happen. My mom had some concerns, too but he told her not to worry. He was born with an aid of forceps and he grew up to be a doctor. (And I was not in the position to recite my short lecture on the topic of correlation vs causation, too tired from pushing, too worried about my baby).

But I really didn't want a c-section so few minutes later,with a room full of support staff, i.e. neonatal nurse manager, obstetric PA, etc- I saw a female resident, under the supervision on a nice attending substitute OB, use scary looking salad tongs, heard a couple of snipping noises ,pushed twice, saw a screaming baby slip out, and I yelled ' it's a girl!'...
She was yelling and looking around, while the umbilical cord was cut. Then, they took her to the corner of the room to be cleaned and checked. And I realized there is a new sound that I'm in love with, and that I'm a mom.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I shouldn't organize parties

Though lists are not my thing, this time I decided to follow SubjugatedWife and Dave Letterman and make a list of reasons why I shouldn't organize any more parties in the near future:

1-I'm not organized. I never was but now my disorganization's reached glorious hights;
2-It's been years since I enjoyed a large crowd;
3-It's been years since I enjoyed a small crowd;
4-The art of mingling eludes me;
5-I kept forgetting whom I've invited to the party;
6-Ditto for who RSVPed;
7-I felt bad for people who are bored at my party;
8-The party didn't get intended results;
9-I got too much exposure with those whom I had to invite and insufficient exposure with those whom I actually wanted to see;
10-There were obvious clicks at my party!

Another quick update

Today I realized that Eh pronounces her name correctly. I wonder how long that's been going on

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shoes and socks!

How can I forget this one! For about a month, Eh's been successfully donning all sorts of shoes. And for a good couple of weeks, socks joined the shoes!
As I'm writing this, I can't help the feeling that somehow life is happening and I periodically get glimpses of it and then go back into oblivion...

Roll over

That's what SiM's finally done. I think the first one that I've observed was on Friday, and than on Shabbat, there were a whole bunch of rolls!!! Belly to back! Finally, SiM!
Now for not so exciting news... It seems that I've reached that point in my life ( again) when my retention of information is so poor that by the time I get to the computer at the end of the day, I almost always don't recall anything exciting that happened ( or unexciting, for that matter).
A lousy exception is my rather uncomfortable situation at work- that periodically creeps into my mind, even when I'm at the computer! But because of the general retention problem, I don't remember the work situation frequently enough to look for a better place of employment... And, life goes on.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Da da da

My baby has spoken!
(Possibly in honor of the second tooth that's finally crowned his lower gums!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Bday hubby!

The birthday was a while ago. At least 6 weeks prior, my wonderful mom volunteered to make a party. She'd cook, get the cake, birthday plates, etc. All I need to do is provide the actual setting, i.e. the surprise party will be in my house.
On Friday prior to the birthday, there happened a situation which kind of necessitated cleaning of the oven. And what better time to clean when Sunday, when I'm home the whole day! It also happened to be theactual date of the birthday and the party. But I'd clean the oven in the morning, and the party was called for 5ish...
With this kid wanting my attention, and than the other kid. And trying to put then to nap and stuff. I finally got to clean the oven when it was close to 3 pm. And as I got my easy off and sprayed a few places in the oven I remembered that my oven has a self cleaning function!
Or rather, ouch! The house was stinky, smoky, and otherwise unfit for the party. And even though I opened every window in the house ( literally), I made an executive decision that between my husband hating strange burning smells and my mom hating same smells, it may be better to move the party to my mom's apartment.
Fast forward a bit. It was impossible to maintain the surprise and get hubby to come to my mom @ the same time. He got rather peeved when on his bday he came to an empty house which had stench instead of dinner waiting for him.
But all's well that ends well! Thank Gd for my mom's incredible cooking ( and she made a real feast), it was a bday I-hop experience- come hungry ( and peeved), leave happy!
PS I must make a note in a visible place (mental notes obviously don't help) to self clean oven in AM only and remove self and family out of the house for 1/2 day.

Hot flash

As I heard from my window ( if that's how it's said in English), it was very windy outside. Plus, it was kinda cold in my house. Put the two together, I was wearing lots of layers today.
Some layers are easier shed than others- it's easy to take off the boots and put on slippers; not so easy to take off tights. Ditto for sweater vs tank top.
Oh yea, the lab coat is quite 'flexible', too.
There I was, early in the afternoon after a large cup of tepid coffee, feeling a bit flushed. I got rid of the sweater and the boots on arrival. The lab coat followed them. Still, as my 'buddy' ( the tern used very loosely, i guess) PT and I were trying to locate the patient to be evaluated I was getting more and more uncomfortable from the heat. So I told her that I feel rather hot and that when it's cold outside the heat indoors is quite unbearable.
And that's when it came.
"And you are wearing black," she said, "it makes you even hotter."
What Do they teach them in foreign grad schools?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

President and a wannabe

keep forgetting to post this...

SiM is 8 months

and a butt scooter...
And the therapist in me periodically harrasses my poor baby and makes him do his stomach time and other therapy tricks. But the mom in me is too lazy to do the half hour sessions and too compassionate (?) to listen to the little thing cry most of his exercise time...
Amuzingly, one of my friends keep coming to mind. His son didn't talk by the time he was 2 and I often told my friend to stop being a therapist and just be a parent...