Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Teeth ( different baby:)) and other stuff

In the beginning of last week baby had 2 top teeth (spaced to a baby perfection) and 2 bottom teeth. Then there were 4 days of fever. And this week there Are tooth number 5 (Left top molar - who knew they can come out so early) and tooth number 6 (incisor crowning on the right side of wonderfully spaced top tooth).

Hair is slowly coming out of its hiding and 2 things are quite obvious. Baby is a brunette and she has curly hair (a couple little twirls in the back deserve a picture of their own).

Baby already ate a whole very soft nectarine, watermelon slices, tasted a dry lady bug, and can't have too many Cheerios.

Baby learned to jump and rock by holding on to her crib and she absolutely loves when her siblings join her in this activity.

On this happy note, peace out for now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The sudden death of my tomato plant

It died quite suddenly. On Saturday morning I noticed wilted leaves thinking the plant is suffering from dehydration. On Sat night I realized someone pulled it out, on Friday.

Is my plant's fate a foreshadowing for my blog?