Monday, April 19, 2010

The best gift of all

I came home with left over birthday cake that my department got for me. And as soon as I walked in the door I told my kids that I bought them some of my birthday cake.
SiM answered "I have something for you, mommy." And he gave me a 20x20 card that said "Happy birthday to SiM's and Eh's mommy" that his teacher made in his playgroup. The card had SiM's and his playgroup buddies scribbles inside as well as birthday wishes from the teacher.

I asked SiM if he made the card in school and he proudly said 'yea!'. And when I called the teacher to tell her how grateful I was for the card and how it touched me, the teacher said "Don't thank me. Your son came to playgroup and said 'today is my mommy's birthday'. I asked him if we should make you a birthday card and he said 'yes'..."

The birthday card SiM gave me is one of the best birthday gifts I ever received.