Thursday, February 19, 2009


In HS, I had a halacha teacher who used to give us demerits for talking. Then there was an economics teacher with a minus-point system - get even 1 minus point and no matter how high your average is you won't be exempt from taking finals.

And today, after all these years, I felt like I was in high school again!

Because of some bizarre circumstances, some gullibility, and some lack of basic thought, I had to be in court today. The court room was exceptionally hot, the wait even more exceptional, and I ( naturally) didn't bring any reading material with me.

The court clerk was a rather mean woman ( possibly with a heartburn?) who kept yelling at people to behave as they should in court. At one point, some grandpa's phone went off, loudly, twice in a span of 2 minutes, so the clerk confiscated the phone, turned it off, and said she'll return it after grandpa is done.

By this point, over an hour passed. I was bored and tired of waiting for my lawyer to show up. Then, my chatty friend whose whisper carries ( and who came along with me to court) got a seat right next to me and started talking about something or other.

And I almost jumped when I suddenly heard the court clerk right in front of me saying "You two, step out!". I probably should've been offended, or try to say that I won't do it again. But I couldn't stop grinning while I took my coat and stepped outside. And I'm still grinning as I type.

PS As we stepped outside, my lawyer showed up and told me that I can go. I wonder if the people inside that court room learned a valuable lesson: if you talk in court room, you'll have to step out, and not return for the rest of the day!


Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

You gotta be more rebellious for these situations. Until recently I wasn't like that myself but now I try to change.

My brother told a story once, when a teacher (and she was a director in school) in the beginning of class told them that if anyone is not interested they may step out. He got up and left. Then, when other teachers asked him why he's not in the classroom he would answer that director let him go. Wasn't that true?

Sally Hazel said...

Normally, I would politely protest for being singled out ( when my sister heard the story, she said we were singled out because we were white... which is quite possible) but the whole thing was just too funny. Plus the room was hot anyway and it was a relief to step out into the hallway...

Moshe said...

Should've returned after seeing your lawyer and told her thanks, maybe her head would've exploded. ;-)