Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On cooking, part II

Thanks to one of my coworkers, I've discovered a relatively local kosher grocery where I shop on Fridays during lunch. 2 Friday's ago I found peeled and pre-cut butternut squash there which I bought with a plan of making a cream of squash soup the following Sunday.

Sunday came and went. Then Friday came again. The squash was still in my fridge, alive (whew) but sadly uncooked.

Sunday again. But my hopes of cream of squash soup were still not realized. And mom came to visit. In conversation she mentioned that we traditionally cook rice with pumpkin and raisins and things. I immediately realized why my butternut squash was so resilient ( whereas other fruits and veggies often didn't survive half the time in my fridge. Strange how even veggies know who can make better use of them...)!

I immediately told my mom that I have some butternut squash in my fridge. Mom kindly offered to cook the rice for me (squash being the next best thing after pumpkin).
In short, we had a very delicious Tu B'shvat dinner of rice with squash, salad (also made by mom from rescued veggies), and lots of fruit. My mother also cooked complimentary vegetable soup for the following day (my fridge had lots of stuff that needed rescuing, I guess).

The lesson- whenever a parent visits, do not be shy to mention what's hiding in your fridge.


Barb Chansky said...

ROFL! I am a witness and a taster as well:)

Moshe said...

That's why we live next to our parents. ;-)