Sunday, February 8, 2009

Before I forget

They are finally here!Tooth number 13 (top L canine) came about 10 days ago, and number 14 (top R canine) a few days ago.

A couple of days ago, in celebration of the new teeth I found strength ( or probably because I had none) to let my SiM stay (cry, read books, watch cartoons) in bed in the morning for approx 30 minutes while I slept a bit more. When I finally got him out of bed close to 7 AM he told me " Mommy, me crying bed..." He didn't accuse, just stated the facts. And I felt a bit guilty about my 'extra' half hour of sleep.

I also figured out ( now that I'm feeling better) that last week's severe chills were probably mild flu symptoms. Thank Gd for the flu shot!

All non-believers, take it from a converted non-believer--flu shots help and are definitely worth some mild side effects that may come along.


Barb Chansky said...

This converted non-believer concurs:)

Also, witnessed better mastication with added teeth:)

SubWife said...

As a super-believer turned into a moderate-believer I concur: better get those shots done. Why a switch in belief system? Because those side effects may turn out to be not so minor, as experiences by yours truly a year ago.

Moshe said...

Not putting anything into my system that doesn't produce "enlightening" effects. :-D

Sally Hazel said...

I work around too many sick people. I take the side effects