Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parent rivalry?

It's usually SiM who gives preferential treatment (see here) to Abba. Today it was sort of Eh's turn.

"Mommy, I gave a big kiss to Abba!' she told me. Hmm. Abba is in the office, taking care of some business. Why did he get a kiss and not me who was supervising pre-sleep jumping in bed?

"Can I get a kiss also?" I asked nonchalantly. "Ok, but let me give a kiss to SiM, first," said my firstborn while I patiently waited. SiM was touched by this show of affection from his sister and took out his pacy to blow her a kiss back. Then I was instructed to turn my cheek towards Eh and I finally got my slightly wet kiss.

At that moment I was probably the proudest parent in Brooklyn. And as an after thought I was comforted in the knowledge that even though I wasn't the first (or even 2nd) to get a "big kiss", I'm usually the one and only to whom Eh comes in the middle of the night to ask for 'hot milk, please'.


SubWife said...

We get what we can, huh?

Barb Chansky said...

As a material witness to the event, I would like to point out that SiM got two kisses, then Mommy got one, and then even yours truly got a kiss:)

Jacob Da Jew said...

"Da Gurlie, who do you love"?

"Love Mommy, Love Baby" and only then "Love Daddy".