Thursday, January 22, 2009


It was an ordinary Thursday. My colleagues and I were driving back to work from lunch. There were two pigeons on the road, doing their bird things. My colleague slowed down. One of the pigeons flew away at the last second. And then we heard a thud. And in the rear view mirror, I saw a bunch of feathers on the road.

'You Killed a pigeon', I told the driver. And though he denied it at first, he saw the evidence, too. And for the next 7 minutes, he kept repeating that he couldn't believe that he killed a pigeon. I tried to comfort him saying that pigeons are lazy and stupid and statistically they become most frequent bird roadkill. My other coworker altogether said that the pigeon was sick, didn't want to live ( hence didn't fly away in time), and it was meant to be.

The dead pigeon was the talk of the gym when we returned. Everyone had a story to tell of how they try not to kill an animal/bird on the they witnessed animal to animal violence...where one can find the most roadkill in the 5 boroughs, etc.

Overall, it was an unpleasant experience and I'm glad it a-didn't happen on the way to lunch, as I'm sure 66% of the party would've lost their appetite; b- there were no kids around who witnessed this event; c-for the reminder that pigeons have a dulled sense of self preservation.

Wishing all the drivers safe and pleasant commute.


Jacob Da Jew said...

I, for one, couldn't care less.

Sally Hazel said...

I know that pigeons can be easily placed in the same category with mice, roaches, and such. And they are usually more of a nuisance than anything else. However, witnessing death of a pigeon was quite unpleasant.

Barb Chansky said...

Second the motion, Sally! Sorry you had to witness it, before of after lunch