Monday, September 1, 2008

Number 7

Two days ago I tickled my little guy so he bent his head back and I saw it. A top tooth, somewhere in the back on the right side of the mouth. It kind of makes his two token buttom teeth even more special:)

And, in case I forgot to mention it before, he started saying "mamma", almost always while addressing me (though abba remains his most favorite).

His vocabulary also includes 'more, no more, up, elmo, amen, toda, hi, heLLO'.
He also says his version of his sister's name. He shares his food and drink with her. And today, he tried to put her crocs on her feet. That was smart and sweet.

My big girl allows me to wash and comb her now though I still need to ask permission before putting in clips or making ponies. And, permission isn't always granted...
She's practically toilet trained but since she is the boss, some days pampers are still requested.
(Pull-ups are poo pooed on though, and since I had lots of $2 off coupons I have a couple of girl pull ups which I'll try to use on my little guy before he realizes what I'm doing...).

Eh is looking forward to going to 'school' next week and I'm just a tiny bit nervous.
But, since Gd willing, next week I'll start working part time, I'll hopefully be able to take her to 'school' the first day so I'm looking forward to the event, too.


SubWife said...

School, eh? Time flies...

Moshe said...

At least she agreed to be toilet trained. Shlomik isn't showing much interest so far.

Sally Hazel said...

Well, I started training her right before her 2nd birthday. It was going well until someone scared her (partly my mistake since I shared the training part with her then babysitter). So I stopped the process until she was about 2.5 and asked herself to 'use the toilet because I'm a big girl'.
Good luck with Shlomik.
Btw, if there are kids in his play group who are trained, he may get inspired by them...