Saturday, September 6, 2008


SiM speaks in one word sentences that are sometimes so eloquent that he couldn't have said more even if his vocabulary was same as in a decent size dictionary.

When listing his vocabulary I forgot to mention 'Toda, rega, and danger'. Truth is he repeats and uses appropriately quite a few words but sadly I don't remember all of them.

Anyhow, today while both kids were playing happily in the living room, I went to the kitchen to get a drink. As I was drinking, I heard SiM saying something at a closer range than the one I left him. I told him I'm coming and when I came I wasn't sure if I should laugh, scream, or do a bit of both simultaneously. SiM climbed 3 steps. I caught him when he was standing on the third step chanting 'danger, danger'. And subsequently, he was very upset when I removed him from the 'danger'.

It was especially funny because he mispronounces danger a bit and it sounds like a blend of danger and dangger that only kids can make.

Later in the day, when I again left them playing to go and get a clean shirt for SiM I heard Eh call out 'Mama, SiM's climbing'. As I ran back to the steps I saw SiM standing on the landing this time ( again successfully climbing up 3 steps) chanting his favorite "danger" and laughing at the same time.

I appreciate in advance all the advice about gates that are mandatory on the bottom and not just on top of the stairs. It's well taken. Thanks.

I'm sure there would also be advise about childproofing all the bathrooms, closets and doors to the above since a either yesterday or the day before SiM learned to open the door handles and was caught today rinsing his hands in the toilet bowl. Thank Gd for the cleaning lady's attendance the day before and low traffic in this bathroom. But still, that gave me another reason to appreciate my firstborn girl.

It's not like SiM isn't supervised enough. He is just quick and resourceful. And now that I have a precedent, hopefully I"ll be quicker, too.


Moshe said...

Where did he learn danger from? A big Lost in Space fan? ;-)

Let him climb. Shlomik climbs into and out of his stroller and it's one of those high ones with a none-removable bars. He climbs into his crib when the bars are halfway down. I've left a chair on a few occasions next to the crib so he could climb out and recently noticed that he learned to climb out without the chair. He uses chairs and stools to get to the sink to wash his hands, turn on the lights, get to his books on a shelf. All the climbing and pulling himself up also made him pretty strong.

Sally Hazel said...

Grin. 'Danger' is SiM's version of 'dangerous'.
Eh used to climb everywhere and so fast that it seemed that someone magically moved her from one place to another. I agree that climbing is an excellent exercise both for toddlers and adults alike. However, SiM's a bit younger than the other two climbers and his newly discovered hobby necessitates closer supervision (again).

Lion of Zion said...

"SiM learned to open the door handles and was caught today rinsing his hands in the toilet bowl"

yum. do i laugh or cringe?

Sally Hazel said...

I think you cringe and then you laugh :)