Saturday, September 27, 2008

While I was sleeping

Yesterday I gave my daughter some chips and asked her to share them with her brother. In less than a minute I heard her call me to the living room (and the whole idea of the chips is to make the kids content and safely invisible for a bit). I went to check what was the matter. "Mommy, look!" I looked and didn't see anything. And then it hit me. The baby was sitting on the couch together with my big girl! And when I asked if she helped him climb up she said no. "Did he climb on the couch for the first time?" Again, no. In summary, though I missed the very first climbing, SiM repeated both climbing and discending from the couch quite a few times on shabbat. He definitely knows how to do it. Now I have to worry re: where to hide all the chairs from the kitchen.

Also some time last week I noticed that Eh was climbing up the stairs alternating her feet! Way to go Eh! (hope I was the first one to notice though...).

On a side note, last week I gave away 5 pairs of my shoes that I magically fit me in the store only(and I usually walk around in the shoes that I'm planning to buy for at least 10 minutes making sales people +/- secutiry watch me closely) or that I bought during a manic moment, managed to wear once and then then didn't fit me anyway. And as I typed this, I remembered 2 more pairs of shoes ( the once that I didn't find during my inventory but SiM found when he was offering me a ewe [shoe] to wear to we can go outside) that may hopefully change owners. Before I know it, I'll have enough room in my closet to buy new shoes!

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