Sunday, September 7, 2008

Anniversary dinner. Sim's 15 months

Since I forgot to make advanced babysitting arrangements, my daughter went for a sleep over party to my mom and my son went to celebrate our anniversary ( and his 15 month birthday ) with us.

Since the celebration was kind of late, the little guy went in to a fancy restaurant in his pjs (and since he was sleeping, we took him in in a stroller). And we sat outside to accomodate us and SiM in the stroller most comfortably. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and the celebration was most enjoyable.

The dinner let me realized just how much I've changed. I barely ate any appetizers, didn't order a soup, got drunk on 1/3 glass of wine, AND was unable to finish a 14 oz stake! And yes, I had to decline the dessert. At first I was so embarrassed I wanted to keep all this a secret. But then I decided to embrase my maturity and admit that thankfully since I'm not as active my appetite is not as big. And yes, this, more than anything else can be an insentive to join the gym so I can proudly exclaim again:
Long live midnight snacks!

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