Monday, August 25, 2008

It's official

SiM's strolling around the house. He practiced shabbat and sunday by pushing the stroller up and down and up and down the first floor. And today when I came home from work I suddenly realized that he walked up to me all the way across the kitchen ( as opposed to the customary crawl followed by a tug at my skirt and a can't-be-misinterprited-hug of my lower legs) and then said 'allo?'.

It seems like he feels a bit more when he walks holding a big blue sand shovel in his hands ( a clever transitional object given to him by the babysitter) but even without the shovel, he is unstoppable!

Thank Gd for the babies growing and us getting wiser. Before you know it, by chasing after SiM I'll get to lose some of the evidence of my love of food (unless of course I'll let my motherly pride take over and just watch him run around).

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