Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poor Aim

I work in the department which is blessed with mostly male therapists. It's a rare luxury because typically you have a bunch of women with a couple of token men who are periodically asked to stand up or 'transfer' a heavy patient.

But this luxury isn't free. For the past month ( at least), I've noticed that our gym's bathroom's stunk of urine. The urine not only splattered pretty much all of the toilet seat but accumulated in messy puddles next to the toilet. I know that the detail may be excessive for some but I'm providing it to draw a more or less vivid picture of the event. Now, this is not the one and only toilet your truly can use but non the less, the situation was becoming more and more annoying.

So last week I decided to post a sign.

When I picked up the sign from the printer I tested it on a couple of people sitting at the nurse's station (just in case). They laughed. And asked why do I need the sign. After a brief explanation they seemed skeeved .

So, I posted the sign. I thought it was short and to the point.

Well, whatever point it was, it was lost on the shooter. There were absolutely no comments in the gym after the appearance of the sign. But sadly, there was no reduction in puddles either.

I even thought that maybe the location of the sign is wrong but the only better place would be to actually place it ON the toilet. Sadly it seems that the boy with the poor aim is also the one with poor attention to detail.
Maybe I should make the sign yellow for emphasis?
PS. Yesterday, when I was telling the story to one of my friends I suddenly deduced that the clumsy one among us is most probably my assistant.
I'll stop here. Peace

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