Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vocabulary, revisited

Eh is getting better and better at talking! She can state her demands quite eloguently. She knows to take her ' sosi' out of her mouth if someone pretends not to understand her and not humor her request. She can make some basic requests in more than one language to increase the probability of favorable response.
She knows a few tricks, too. Last week, in the morning, I heard her calling from her room: 'Mama, Ima..." I figured she really wants to see me. But, upon my arrival to her room, I heard a demanding "Abba!" . I guess she called me just to get her out of bed to see Abba...
Her cute expressions include
- "gooduk' which is typically referred to a food. It took me tow months to figure out that it means no good. And though now she can say 'no good', I'm so much in love with gooduk that I use it myself, just to hear Eh say it again;
- "padada feek' which last month became 'padada feet' = pajamas with feet;
- formerly 'hok' now "hot mik" which she likes to drink when she wakes up and before she goes to sleep. A few times I attempted to give her warm milk (aka hot milk which was out for 10-15 minutes and cooled off). Eh won't have it. She used to say ' put hot water" to instruct what had to be done to make milk hot again. Her newest request is " mama, please! put hot water here, make hot milk!" And though putting hot water into a perfectly warm milk is not my idea of fun, I cannot possibly refuse such a beautifully worded request;
-"abba song"- typically something in hebrew, i.e. shalom aleichem. Just a tune to a jewish melody is also acceptable;
-'baby song'- something classical;
-'mama song' - I don't really know what that is but I have a repertoir of two children's songs in Russian, and I just sing them when mama song is requested;
-"thank you much"- I think this one is self explanatory;
-"please" is used when whining doesn't seem to work and gets Eh just about anything from me. Please doesn't work so well with Abba though in which case Eh attempts to use Hebrew. That works wonders with Abba...

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