Thursday, January 3, 2008

I found it!

Here's a bit of anticlimatic news- On
(this is the part where my baby started crying @ his usual volume in the middle of the night. So, this entry was quickly saved as a 'draft'...)
Anywho, on Jan 1st-Eh'a birthday, I went to get some things out of my trunk. Eh needed a new pair of shoes so I thought I may as well disquise them as a gift. While taking out the new shoes, I decided to take two other bags with mystery objects out of the trunk as well.
One bag contained my ( this is where I had to pause again, and subwife guessed the contents of one of the mystery bags).
Anywho, one bag contained my lost and much missed black wool layering cardigan and the other bag contained two new bibs, a whole bunch of receipts, and the missing gymboree coupon...
I with ( just a little) that I can sell it together with my story on ebay ( ala 'because I said so') but alas I don't think it'll sell...


Moshe said...

On what?
Looks kinda off...

SubWife said...

you found the coupon from Gymboree, right? And it looks like you are not saving this as a draft :)

Moshe said...

stop stopping mid sentence!
you driving me insane!
I'm already insane enough as it is!