Monday, January 7, 2008

Sherry Dimarsky

Today during lunch I decided to check my email. I do it quite infrequently, since my computer activities are supposed to be monitored.
One of personal emails that I got was regarding Sherry. The email said she was very ill, her body was rejecting her transplanted lungs. Suddenly, I felt a knot in my stomach.
A while ago, Sherry wrote that she wasn't feeling so well. But, it was written in her upbeat tone. I haven't gotten any emails from her for some time but I didn't even think there may be something wrong. She's probably busy, I thought.
And then this email today saying she's gravely ill... I said a personal prayer for her, some tehilim. I forwarded her name to my friends and thought she'd bounce back again.
Then tonight, when I called a friend ( which is a rarity for me, because I don't really call anyone), she asked me if I called to relay the sad news. And all of a sudden I realized Sherry is no longer with us. I quickly finished the conversation with my friend. Then I sat for a what felt like forever, trying to process what I've heard.
I've never met Sherry in person. We were phone, email, recipe zaar buddies. Yet, she was a dear friend in good times and in times of need.
Last week, in an attempt to clean up my mailbox, I've deleted among many other things, some of her emails. Now, it feels like an inlult to an injury.
I don't know what to say. I don't have words. Just grief.

Following is a copy of an email written by Sherry's friend:
Baruch Dayan Haemes
I still have her email expressing gratitude on getting a second chance with a lung transplant...
It is with the greatest pain and sorrow that I am writing of the untimely passing of our dear friend Sherry Dimarsky, Sarah Chanah bas Naftoli. With her bright light gone, this world will be a darker and a colder place. No words can describe our loss. The funeral arrangements are not yet made, but it will take place some time tomorrow. May G-d comfort her husband, boys, parents and brother among all of the mourners of Israel. Alla

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rachel said...

Sherry was so amazing - I am grieving deeply.

It sounds so cliche, but she really did touch so many people, in such important ways.

I am having such a hard time trying to say Goodbye to my close friend and mentor... Sherry Dimarsky.