Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I shouldn't organize parties

Though lists are not my thing, this time I decided to follow SubjugatedWife and Dave Letterman and make a list of reasons why I shouldn't organize any more parties in the near future:

1-I'm not organized. I never was but now my disorganization's reached glorious hights;
2-It's been years since I enjoyed a large crowd;
3-It's been years since I enjoyed a small crowd;
4-The art of mingling eludes me;
5-I kept forgetting whom I've invited to the party;
6-Ditto for who RSVPed;
7-I felt bad for people who are bored at my party;
8-The party didn't get intended results;
9-I got too much exposure with those whom I had to invite and insufficient exposure with those whom I actually wanted to see;
10-There were obvious clicks at my party!


SubWife said...

you know,some of us have actually enjoyed the party. We actually were still in the process of enjoying it until very recently due to a huge doggy/elephant bag given to us by Barb. King of hoping that I was in the category of people with whom you wanted (as opposed to had to) mingle...

Sally Hazel said...

Grin. I know, it would ruit my list to admit that there were more moments than not when I had fun, however there were moment that actually prompted me to write the list. Naturally, by the time I got to put it in writing, i forgot most of the pointers ( and had to make up another top 10:))