Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Bday hubby!

The birthday was a while ago. At least 6 weeks prior, my wonderful mom volunteered to make a party. She'd cook, get the cake, birthday plates, etc. All I need to do is provide the actual setting, i.e. the surprise party will be in my house.
On Friday prior to the birthday, there happened a situation which kind of necessitated cleaning of the oven. And what better time to clean when Sunday, when I'm home the whole day! It also happened to be theactual date of the birthday and the party. But I'd clean the oven in the morning, and the party was called for 5ish...
With this kid wanting my attention, and than the other kid. And trying to put then to nap and stuff. I finally got to clean the oven when it was close to 3 pm. And as I got my easy off and sprayed a few places in the oven I remembered that my oven has a self cleaning function!
Or rather, ouch! The house was stinky, smoky, and otherwise unfit for the party. And even though I opened every window in the house ( literally), I made an executive decision that between my husband hating strange burning smells and my mom hating same smells, it may be better to move the party to my mom's apartment.
Fast forward a bit. It was impossible to maintain the surprise and get hubby to come to my mom @ the same time. He got rather peeved when on his bday he came to an empty house which had stench instead of dinner waiting for him.
But all's well that ends well! Thank Gd for my mom's incredible cooking ( and she made a real feast), it was a bday I-hop experience- come hungry ( and peeved), leave happy!
PS I must make a note in a visible place (mental notes obviously don't help) to self clean oven in AM only and remove self and family out of the house for 1/2 day.

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