Monday, February 11, 2008

Hot flash

As I heard from my window ( if that's how it's said in English), it was very windy outside. Plus, it was kinda cold in my house. Put the two together, I was wearing lots of layers today.
Some layers are easier shed than others- it's easy to take off the boots and put on slippers; not so easy to take off tights. Ditto for sweater vs tank top.
Oh yea, the lab coat is quite 'flexible', too.
There I was, early in the afternoon after a large cup of tepid coffee, feeling a bit flushed. I got rid of the sweater and the boots on arrival. The lab coat followed them. Still, as my 'buddy' ( the tern used very loosely, i guess) PT and I were trying to locate the patient to be evaluated I was getting more and more uncomfortable from the heat. So I told her that I feel rather hot and that when it's cold outside the heat indoors is quite unbearable.
And that's when it came.
"And you are wearing black," she said, "it makes you even hotter."
What Do they teach them in foreign grad schools?

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SubWife said...

Any possibility she was referring to black being the sexy (hot) color? Probably not, but worth a shot.