Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I shouldn't blog in the evenings

The lights are on but nobody's home. For quite some time now I've been so fatigued (though not SO fatigued as to go to sleep before 11ish PM) that I felt I can't write anything decent, or even 1/2 decent. But I didn't want to forget some of the things that I wanted to write about so I saved them as drafts.

A few evenings ago I felt more awake than usual and decided to make one of the drafts a post. But all I did was change the title. Then I realized I'm in no writing shape, so I closed the computer and went to do something else.

The following morning I had the following conversation with a friend:
F: Your short post generated comments.
I: Which post?
F: From last night.
I: Facebook update?
F: Blog.
I: The birthday one?
F: Wedding.
I: ( In disbelief and a bit horrified) That was a draft and I didn't publish it!
F: Well, it got two comments already...

I rest my case.


Favorite Anonymous said...

So basically your saying that it makes sense that I didnt get it?

Sally Hazel said...

Yes. Basically, that's what I'm saying

Mikeinmidwood said...

So thats how you generate posts, make a "mistake" with one and follow it up with an excuse. Cheater.

Sally Hazel said...

MiM - sometimes, one has to settle for such 'interludes'. In the end, a post is a post is a post is a post...

SubWife said...

I for one thought you were talking about someone you have dated. I always bump into those folks at weddings. Most people I hardly remember or would care much if I saw, but at weddings it's mostly those I would love to avoid.

that was my interpretation of the short post. maybe you should have a contest about what it actually meant.