Monday, May 4, 2009

Why I like working in health care

Today during rounds one of the big cheeses with a nursing degree made two comments. I thought these comments were remarkable enough to relay them to the rest of the department and to post on this blog.
1-"This man keeps having problems with his eye. He should see an ENT- an eye specialist."
2-"We have a policy for visitors and staff with flu-like symptoms. Plus, I read that they have an antibiotic for it already."
'It's a virus,' commented self and another nurse.
"Yes, so they have the antibiotic for it."

Hope so do you enjoy these comments as much as my colleagues and I did. And maybe you can even appreciate why I love working in health care. (Imagine if the health care was socialized? The fun would never end!)


Favorite Anonymous said...

wow, well that an encouraging sign of our educational system.

Lion of Zion said...

antibiotics are sometimes prescribed for patients with viruses to prevent secondary infections. maybe that's what he meant?

i also work in a health field, but i'm afraid to post all my great stories online.

Moshe said...

If not for our educational system, these people would only be able to point and grunt. So you see, it does work.

Sally Hazel said...

FA and Moshe - this woman is foreigh born and fondly speaks of her 'home' country. Nonetheless...

LOZ - though, like you, I should give that nurse the benefit of the doubt, I think she ment Tamiflu. She later referred to some CDC memo for confirmation.
Re: working in health field - I think posting generic tidbits here and there is quite benign?

Lion of Zion said...

"quite benign"

a) one *never* knowns who is readings

b) i don't think it looks good to prospective employers if i blog about work (i know i wouldn't want to hire a blogger)

Sally Hazel said...

LOZ- the internet for my entire gym was turned off because I used to visit my blog from it... you have a point.

But I don't think that one needs to blog to spread the news in health care, esp in hospitals and nursing homes. You sneeze in Brooklyn and they bless you in the Bronx.