Friday, October 17, 2008

Chol Hamoed

I think yesterday marked the very first time we as a family went to an amusement park. The trip included just about everything a family trip to an amusement park should have:
-a ride on a merry-go-round for all (with smiling kiddies and a bit nauseated mom and dad);
-a mini roller coaster ride;
-one parent getting most of the only-kids-can-enjoy spinning rides (because the other parent 'would throw up');
-a parent squeezing into the back of a kiddie boat ride and almost sinking the boat (or "how long can 3 minutes last?");
-being lightly shoved and pushed by little and big kids and by some;
-a mini panic attack when for a few long seconds a kid is presumed to be lost (and then found behind my back);
-overpriced but otherwise enjoyable burgers and fries;
-a mild disagreement on how many rides are too many for kids under 3;
-a mild disagreement on the necessity of pony rides for kids under 3 who are a bit tired and overstimulated by the amusement park;
-a happy ride home. (I think this one was a bonus).

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