Monday, October 27, 2008

Socialization over the weekend

Over the weekend I revisited my social-butterfly-days:
Friday night, for the first time, visited one of my neighbors whom I used to know in my HS/College days. Told her that I remembered her because of her 'distinctive features'..."Yea, one of my eyes is 1/2 grey 1/2 brown." 'Oh, it is??"

Shabbat day, I visited another neighbors who had some mutual friends over for lunch. We discussed many things that changed and many that remained the same. One of the friends said to my-17-lbs-heavier-since-the-last-meeting-self "You are still skinny after two kids! How you do it!?" I thanked her for the compliment, also wondering how I did it (and decided not to get up for the rest of my visit, just in case this friend looked at my midriff).

Sunday, in response to an email from an MD friend re: being on vacation, emailed back 'You are allowed to take vacation?" Got an email back "We are human, too." which made me think that some things are better left for personal conversations...

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