Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A quick update

With all the babysitting excitement and the general state of fatigue induced haze I completely neglected to write an update on my little ones progress.
SiM's been making a couple of independent steps by himself pretty much since the Independence day. Today it was more like 4 steps taken with loads of delight and pride.

He's also a happy rider of his sister's 'school bus' (though lately he's been eyeing the bycicle:))-he and the sis joyfully ride up and down the hallway. SiM on the school bus and Eh on the bike (Eh's developed a bit of a bug phobia and all her belonging have to stay home away from the bugs. Thankfully, the pool is not included in the 'curfue'.).

Eh started day camp three weeks ago-she naps through half of it but it is still a big step to being a 'big girl'. She is quite talkative and extremely entertaining. Every morning begins with 'mommy, don't go to work; I don't want to go to gan (camp) today; I don't want the babysitter to come' though eventually she lets me go to work without prolonged goodbyes.
Amusingly, for the past few nights, before going to sleep she also tells me not to go to work. I reassure her that I'm staying with her for the night. Actually, as I wrote the last sentence I realized why she started this strange request at night, but that will have to be a separate entry.

Peace out.

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