Monday, December 17, 2007


When I was a pregnant insomniac I kind of enjoyed it. It gave me some private time to connect with the contects of my belly, think about the future, and often blog about it.
Now, every time I have a bout of insomnia, I'm afraid to start a long blog because I never know when my 6 month old ( who doesn't sleep through the night and can wake up as frequently as every 90 minutes) will wake up. I don't want to be interrupted in the middle of a thought for once lost my thoughts are seldom found.
By the way, he woke up as soon as I started the title of this entry. So I have time to write now (but darn it, the main point I was trying to say is aluding me now).
Anywho, now even if I do get up and sit by the computer my head is still filled with questions but they are typically more bizarre and less pleasant when they used to be in my pregnant days...
I have less than 6 hours til wake up, will I get up with the alarm or sleep through it? ( I can wake up later but then I will either have to make up hours and come home later OR work less hours. That one's self explanatory).
I ate 4 or 5 Godiva chocolates which I got from my sis for my daughter's bday or chanuka or both. Now, I need a drink which means I have to go downstairs. Do I make myself a decaf coffee, take some red wine, drink plain water, make nice medium tea...? Do I have to brush my teeth again!? If I drink tea would it wash off the chocolate and then I can at least eliminate the tooth brushing?
Would my baby wake up while I'm making myself tea and would he wake up my daughter before I make it back up? Would I care to drink my cold tea after the kids go back to sleep, etc, etc, etc
Anyhow, I think I'll go make the tea


Moshe said...

Wow, that sucks. At that age, we used to put Shlomik to sleep at around 12AM and he would sleep through the night.

Sally Hazel said...

sigh...I'm still waiting for my SiM to sleep through the night...or for 4 hours straight