Sunday, December 16, 2007

Digital Camera

When I met my hubby he had a digital camera and I had my trusted Fuji (the one that I got for my 16th bday from my friend Miriam). It took hubs a lot of convincing and demos of why digital cameras are better. And, I finally switched to one when I got it for some special occasion( my birthday, anniversary, some other happy even, or just because...).
Since then hubby's done some inservices and other public ed on why one shouldn't save ALL the pictures that one shot with digital camera but my carry over is far from excellent.
I just can't bring myself to delete even one picture of my kids- so what if it's blurry, so what it I have another 10 shots that look almost identical? They aren't really identical- each shot is unique and it depics a cute face, a great expression, a movement that is so characteristic of my baby!
I also don't seem to bring myself to print these pictures too often-once I can view them (in the camera or on the computer) the need to print them is not so great...( Btw, that's how my computer crashed last year- memory overload.)
But as part of self improvement, I've been slowly printing those pictures. I found a decent Duane Reade Lab on my way from work and printed about 3-400 pictures there.
Then, I changed assigments ( work location). Blah, blah, blah.
I tried CVS online- it took over 1/2 hour to upload 100 pics ( not to mention the time it took me to proof what I was uploading) and the pics were far from perfect AND out of order ( not a good thing for someone who neurotically prints every shot and then as neurotically puts then in albums in cjronological order).
My newest love is snap fish. Just now, after spending less than 4 hours online I've ordered 606 prints. I'm almost current with printing all those 'power shots'.
And, what's an even bigger accomplishment- only about 10% are blurry, 15% -20% are of similar poses/occasions, and less than 5% of people and thngs that I don't really need to have in print, i.e. hard copy.
Now if I make it to Amazing Savings before the prints arrive to buy albums there and sort all prints into albums within a week, maybe i'll reward myself by buying a more sofisticated camera where all the shots will be fit to print! Snapfish, here I come!


Moshe said...

Well, here's a reason to switch, Kodak stopped manufacturing film.
Snapfish is great, very cheap. They have deals like prepaying for pictures and getting an even better price and printing greeting cards for same price.
I don't usually print pictures though, unless it's a very cool pic and it's holidays time or just decide to print a few. I have to make 5~6 copies for all the relatives who for some reason can't go and do it themselves.
606 pics?! That's gotta be a pretty big box they gonna send to you. Can't put 606 pics in an envelop.
My solution to not having to print all those pics is to photoshop the best photos, remove red eye, correct colors, resize to 800x600 and upload them to my site or facebook and to transfer them to my digital frame. Parents were bothering me for photos so I bought everyone, including us, a digital picture frame, $60~$70, and turn it on for Shabbat for guests to watch.

SubWife said...

OMG!!!! We are like twins separated at birth. I literally had a few fits when hubs deleted pictures of kids, that weren't up to par. He now knows better, and officially I chilled out a bit. But he is still not forgiven for deleted my daughter's feet at two month... it wasn't bad, it was deliberate. Men, grrr! And I can't delete either....

Moshe said...

I got a 640GB RAID on my server and a 300GB external drive. So no reason to delete anything. Also wooted a 500GB drive. My total storage on all my computers + external drives + flash drives is prob around 2TB

Barb Chansky said...

Moshe, my friend, you are a true computer gick (and I say it with the atmost respect). No way am I deleting anything that has a remote resemblance to anything, let alone an adorable child! But then, I photograph sunsets and cloud formations at the same spots in different times, so, I am definately not an unbiased party to the debate.