Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's your name

Today, while on my way to pick up Eh from school, I met one of my neighbors. She wished me mazal tov on the new baby, asked me how we both are.

As we were parting, I said 'Good to see you, Rivky!'
"Hmm... Rivky is my upstairs neighbor. My name is Malka.' my neighbor replied politely.

I apologized for my mistake and told Malka that from now on, I'll call her by her right name.
However, two hours later, to my great embarrassment I remembered having a little chat with Malka before that ended with 'Good to see you, Rivky!' and 'I'm sorry, I won't forget your name now!'


still waiting said...

oh! is that why i was told that all neighbors must start wearing name tags?

Sally Hazel said...

LOL! I sincerely hope not!

Moshe said...

Dunno what you can do about women, but you can make all the men wear kippas with their names on them!