Sunday, May 4, 2008


This year the choice ended being simple-good weather and blah hotel or good hotel and blah weather. It didn't take long to realize that 9 days of blah hotel may be 9 days too many. So we chose to go to a nice hotel in Maryland.

It was within driving distance yet far away from to be an official vacation. The grounds (chesapeaque bay) were beautiful, the accomodations ( hyatt) were great -from polite staff to lots of couches and other comfortable seats throughout the entire place. The food was great- lots of tasty variety. We went boating one day ( pedal boating which seemed to work wonders on little SiM- he was asleep within minutes). Eh went swimming almost every day of the chol hamoed. We went shopping/driving. We ( the adults) attended the inhouse entertainment of mock gambling, Michael Iceberg live, and just an evening with no kids in tow:)

On a bit of a blah note- both kids got colds and hubs and I had sever indigestion from out 'home made' matza that was thicker than packing carton. And the kids got so used to being with us all the time that it was difficult to get adjusted to the routine back home of us working and them staying home with the babysitter. But that's a very minor stuff that in no way marred our great vacation. So thank Gd and hopefully soon again!


Ken Albin said...

Can you tell me what happened to Michael Iceberg and what he is currently doing? His website suddenly disappeared last year and I haven't been able to find out where he went to. Any information you have would be appreciated as I have been a fan of his since 1972.

L said...

Hi. Did you find out what happened to Michael Iceberg ? We have not seen him for a couple of years now.