Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gardening, 2010

We finally made it to Home Depot ( again) to buy vegetables. We were there 6 weeks ago to buy some flowers. The veggies weren't bought then because I wanted to buy them at a nursery.

The flowers bought 6 weeks ago didn't even get planted on the little patch of earth which I endearingly call My Front Lawn. But that's a blog post in itself. And tomatoes were just bought today. From Home Depot. Because there's parking on site.

A few minutes ago I proudly unpacked those tomatoes and some other assorted veggies picked out by the kids from the car. Immediately, I decided to immortalize the happy occasion by blogging about it.

I should probably go and water the poor things- after all they sat in a hot car for 5 hours probably thinking that Home Depot environment wasn't that bad after all...And I know that it won't rain (even if they promise 90% chance of that happening), if I'm counting on the rain to save my vegetable plants.

I'm off to water, and take pictures, and pray for another successful gardening year:)