Monday, July 20, 2009

Motivational Speeches

In the morning, since SiM wasn't feeling well, I told him he won't be going to camp. Apparently, he didn't hear the whole sentence because he responded with " I don't want to go to camp".
"I don't like it!" was SiM's short reply.

A couple of minutes later, during my daily creative-writing moment, aka composition of mitzva notes I overheard the following conversation between Eh and SiM.
S: We are writing you mitzva notes for camp.
E: I don't like camp.
S: Why? Camp is So much fun!


Moshe said...

Misery loves company :-D

Sally Hazel said...

No, I think he was sincerely repeating the info he learned / overheard

Moshe said...

You've been tagged.